About Porbeck Engineering Corporation

Porbeck Engineering Corporation is located in Little Rock, Arkansas and was formed in 1986 to provide quality professional mechanical engineering services to a broad range of clients. Frank Porbeck saw a void of local engineering expertise in the heavy industrial sector, and catered PEC to those specific clients. Over the years PEC has stayed true to its industrial origins, while at the same time staying up to date with the latest software and technology. We strive to maintain exceptional service while offering great value relative to the competition.

PEC has been successful in providing to clients without engineering capabilities the design expertise and routine  engineering support necessary to maintain efficient operation as well as assisting the engineering departments of larger companies in handling their temporary work overloads.

Porbeck Engineering is fully insured, with a staff consisting of Professional Engineers, engineers in training, mechanical designers, one office manager, and one accounts manager.  Engineering disciplines represented include mechanical and electrical with an emphasis on heavy manufacturing and process industry experience. Professional registration is held in multiple states throughout the United States.

PEC is focused on serving our clients and pride ourselves in adherence to quality designs, timelines, and project budgets. We believe that maintaining successful client relationships is critical to our success. As such, PEC has traditionally been favored by a high percentage of repeat business. We have developed strong working relationships with many companies and look forward to fostering these relationships and developing new ones.